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Advance Operating System

Advance operating system course is a graduate course in operating systems. The goals are:
- To understand the state of the art in operating sy... 
course fanian Public
Advance Programming 1392-1

Advance Programming 1392-1

course alish Private

Artificial Intelligence

course amohammadi Private

Electromagnetism I

Undergraduate course 
course samani Protected

Fundamentals of Information Technology

course amohammadi Private
HCI (9596-2)

HCI (9596-2)

Human Computer Interaction Course 
course mroayaei Private

How To Course

This course is both a demonstration course and the official ATutor documentation. The Course describes how to use ATutor as a studetn, how to create a... 
course fathianf Public


course mhosseini Private

Information Technology Engineering

This is an undergraduate course surveying topics in information technology. It covers advanced topics in switching, routing, wireless networks, networ... 
course fanian Public

Motor Technology

Contains all discussion and information about .engine elements and related systems 
course akbarsa Protected

plant physiology

course ramin Private

Principles of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a dynamic, rapidly growing field, and the goal of this introductory course is to illustrate this fact visually.
For a considera... 
course mghiaci Protected

sediment transport

Study of bed load and suspended load in river engineering 
course hafzali Private

statistica thermodynamics

course keshavrz Private

Technical Presentation

course amohammadi Private

نظر‌يه زبا‌ن‌ها و ماشين‌ها

اين‌درس در 3 واحد و براي دوره كا‌رشنا‌سي كا‌مپيو‌تر سخت‌افزار و نرم&zwn... 
course aghai Protected
مبانی کامپیوتر و برنامه سازی-نیمسال دوم-نورانی

مبانی کامپیوتر و برنامه سازی-نیمسال دوم-نورانی

course fnoorani80 Private

معارف اسلامي1

شماره درس 105-10-26
مدرس : حسين طريقت پور
course tarighat Public

راهنماي استفاده از سيستم آموزش الكترونيكي براي اساتيد

با استفاده از اين راهنما شما مي توانيد بعنوان يك استاد درس جديد ايجاد كنيد و يا درخ... 
course fathianf Protected

طراحي و پيا‌ده‌سازي زبا‌نهاي بر‌نا‌مه سا‌زي

اين درس در 3 واحد و براي دوره كا‌رشنا‌سي كا‌مپيو‌تر نر‌م‌افزار ارائه ... 
course aghai Protected